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Unravelling the Travel System Mystery….

When a couple receive the exciting news that there is a baby on the way there are lots of items that us mothers quickly scribble onto our “must buy” list. A good travel system is a definite must buy.

Firstly what is a travel system? A travel system consists of a buggy seat, a carrycot, a compatible car seat and a chassis frame which all 3 items can click  onto.

Here are my top tips when thinking about which system is right for your family:

  1. Isthis your first baby?   If yes, you should think about a system that will also take a second baby at a later stage. This may seem to be a bit presumptuous or could even be considered as ‘tempting fate’ for some, but today people need to get good value for money therefore it is so important to buy something that will grow with your family should the need arise.
  2. Buggy weight and width,Can you fit the buggy into your boot and will you be able to lift it? Unfortunately most of us inherit a weak back after child birth, so you need to be mindful of this. Also the width is a factor. Will it fit through your doors? There is no point in buying a travel system if you have to leave the children sitting in it outdide the back door
  3. What kind of terrain will you bemainly using – town or country roads? Are you likely to be the GAA Mom, standing on the sidelines with the children,  Will you be taking trips to the beach or the local forest park?  If so you need sturdy wheels that will glide over rough terrain. It is important to know that not all travel systems will be suitable for this type of job!
  4. Is the carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping? Onsome brands the carrycot has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping. This is something you should always check out as if its not recommended you should not assume its okay.
  5. Budget– Then there is the small issue of money or lack of same…. . A Travel System is an expensive piece of kit. On so many occasions I have watched the blood drain from the father to be’s face when they hear the cost. However if you let the shop know what your budget is any what your family requirements  are we will be able to come up with a system that will suit your needs and your pocket. But do remember its better to buy right first day as you will save yourself in the long run!

I hope i have given all you Mums and Dads some useful tips on things to consider when making this important purchase.  The range is huge and it can be very overwhelming when you are starting out with no clue and the prospects of spending a lot of hard earned cash is looming.  But don’t panic, take your time, speak to the girls in the store, speak to friends that have gone through the process.  And most importantly…Remember this is supposed to be a happy fun time so enjoy it and try not to stress too much!

To view our range of travel systems click here https://pitterpatter.ie/product-category/wheels/travel-systems/

Until next time,

Caitriona  xxx

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