Tips on choosing a Baby Changing Bag

Hi Ladies,

I would like to share some thoughts on the whole area of Baby Changing Bags.  There are just so many out there and the prices can range from €40 right up into the hundreds.  But what ever your budget it there are a few practical considerations that should be kept in mind before making the big decision.



  •  Size – yes size does matter…you want something that will hold a change of cloths, a couple of nappies, wipes, food supplies, a toy, your wallet, phone and maybe a hair brush and a bit of lippy (which you wont have time to use by the way)
  • Access – The opening at the top of the bag needs to be wide.  This will allow you to rummage to the the bottom and get things out with 1 hand (baby will be in the other hand)
  • Easy to Clean – Is it made of material that is easy to wipe clean and wont stain.  This bag will in the boot of the car, the bottom of the buggy, in under the table in coffee shops, in public toilets etc  It will do the rounds so it needs to be cleaned down easily and regularly.
  • Durable – will its stand the test of time.  As mentioned above your changing bag will work hard for you but the quality needs to be there.  You will end up using it for at least 3 years and you will become attached to it!
  • Man Friendly – will Daddy be potentially hanging it on this shoulder?….if so he may not like a girly stand out pattern



I guess above all you have to love the bag yourself……this is going to be your handbag for the next 3 years!

Its a very personal decision at the end of the day but most of us will try and balance practicality with style and budget.   He have a great range in our store at the moment in Pitter Patter Nursery Nenagh and i have attached a few of my favorites.

Which ever bag you decide on I hope you enjoy browsing our selection.

Happy Shopping.


pitter patter baby changing bags

baby changing bags


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