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The Dream Theater from Pabobo, is an enchanted ride that helps children fall softly asleep. Its colorful and attractive moving projections captivate little ones’ attention and drift them off to sleep calmly. The lights can be accompanied by softly playing music or nature sounds, making the Dream Theater a great alternative to a cot mobile.

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The Dream Theater from Pabobo, is an enchanted ride that helps children fall softly asleep. There is no need for parents to get up to turn it off – it stops automatically after 45 minutes and 15 minutes for sounds if activated. Using the Sleep Mode, the Dream Theater turns on by itself if the baby starts crying during the night. This special function helps him to fall asleep again by himself: that is good for the parents’ sleep.

Using LED lights and a motor completely shielded from little hands, it stays cold to the touch and totally safe, whether you place it on a hard surface or use the mounting bracket to hang it on the wall.
Key Features:
Soothing: colorful and attractive animated projections that captivate baby\\\’s attention
Musical: choose a gentle lullaby or nature sounds
Practical: turns off automatically after 45 minutes (with 15 minutes of music if activated).
Innovative: the first rotating lamp with a LED!
Easy: place it on any hard surface, or use the provided wall-mount. Ideal to replace a cot mobile. (Good to know: the cot mobile should not be used as soon as the child can sit down)
Bright idea by Pabobo: when in Sleep mode, the light turns on if your child starts crying! (5 seconds of loud and continuous sound)


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