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Millwood Crafts-Small Milking Parlour is a wooden farm set.  Product includes,  24 Cubicles, milks 8 cows, Slatted Pen, Feeding Passage, Sunken pit where the farmer stands, Steel Gates, Bulk Tank Room, Calving Pen, 2 Doors, Water Troughs, Suitable For Small Cows. Millwood Craft Farm sets are are handcrafted and manufactured in Ireland.

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Millwood Crafts


Millwood Crafts

Who are Millwood Crafts?

 Millwood Crafts are a family owned company based in Co Tyrone established in 2006.  Their products are hand crafted quality and durable wooden farms play sets.  They are suitable from 3 to 93 year and are compatible with Siku (32:1 scale) products.   In 2005 one of the brothers kids asked for a toy farm for Christmas.  He found it hard to get a high quality durable product and decided to give it a go himself.  He modeled and manufactured a wooden play set based on the farm they had grown up on.  Before long he was getting orders from neighbors and friends looking for relic farm sets.  After that the seed was planted and the 2 brothers decide to turn their idea into a business and Millwood Crafts was born.

 In our store we are delighted to be able to display and sell Millwood Crafts as they are a quality Irish product made from natural resources that will last the test of time.  It is also nice to know you are supporting a family business like ourselves who are based on strong family values and hard work. All Millwood Craft farm sets are are available from our store for delivery anywhere throughout Ireland.

Millwood Crafts


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