Giant Pro Rebounder Large – 9ft x 7ft


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Giant Pro Rebounder Large – 9ft x 7ft

  • Jumbo Rebounder for Soccer / Football / Hurling
  • Ideal for a multiple sports including Soccer, Gaelic Football, Tennis, Handball and baseball
  • Massive 9ft wide x 7ft high rebounder making team or individaul practive possible for all ages and abilities
  • Adjustable with four different angles to allow for different variations of rebound
  • Comes with red square central target tape and also white net/headband height tape
  • Frame manufactures from strong 32mm powder coated steel frame
  • Base grips to withstand powerful rebounds (ground anchors also included as an extra precaution, especially in high winds)
  • Bungee tie cords and 30ply twisted polyethylene
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Ball not included


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