BERG Ultim Favorit InGround 280 Trampoline Rectangle


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[embedyt][/embedyt]BERG Ultim Favorit InGround 280 Trampoline Grey Rectangle have a larger jumping area than similar size circular trampolines. Ideally shaped to fit smaller gardens.

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BERG Ultim Favorit InGround 280 Trampoline Rectangle

On a rectangular trampoline you can jump over the entire length. The jumps you make on a rectangular trampoline are more controlled. That’s why rectangular trampolines are used by professionals and at the Olympic games. The shape also ensures the trampoline will fit almost perfectly into any garden.

  • Hole required is quite small, trampoline sits over the hole rather in the hole
  • If you lawn doesn’t flood or get soggy, you will not have and issue with water
  • A net on the underside of the trampoline will prevent anything or creature getting in under the trampoline
  • Rustproof frame
  • 380mm wide protective edge makes this a very safe trampoline
  • Goldspring springs give extra bounce


  • Frame : 8 years
  • Springs : 2 years
  • Jump Mat : 2 years
  • Padding : 2 years



Green, Grey, Black


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