BERG Duo Chopper Go Kart


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BERG Duo Chopper Go Kart is a two seat chopper, with adjustable seat, stand up platform for a chariot style experience.

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BERG Duo Chopper Go Kart

Our BERG Specials are just that little bit different to our other go-karts. The BERG Duo Chopper and the BERG Chopper have three wheels instead of four, for example. The advantage of a go-kart on three wheels is that the turning circle is extremely small. So you can go nice and sharply around corners!
You can even play together on the BERG Duo Chopper. The co-rider can sit on the co-rider seat when mounted. When you remove this seat you will have a totally different experience because you can then stand next to the driver!

The BERG Duo Chopper is equipped with a high-quality BF hub. This BF hub gives the driver the possibility to pedal forwards and to brake using their feet. The BF hub is equipped with a freewheel. This means that the pedals do not continue turning when the go-kart moves after you have stopped pedalling. This ensures a safe ride!

Distinctive colours
The BERG Duo Chopper and the BERG Chopper have a distinctive orange-black colour combination. Due to this colour combination, the go-kart matches perfectly with the Buddy Pro, all Gran Tour models, the BERG X-Cross and the X-Treme.

Extremely small turning circle[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dHgoRJTh-c[/embedyt]
A go-kart on 3 wheels has a smaller turning circle than a go-kart on 4 wheels. This means that you can make much sharper turns on the Duo Chopper and the Chopper!


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