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Chicco Baby Bear First Dreams

Product Review of the Chicco Baby Bear – First Dreams

Apr 4, 2017

This Product just arrived in our store last week and it seems to be popular. First of all what does it do? So its a soft toy that projects stars up to the ceiling and plays music at the same time.  So it acts as a cuddly toy, a projector, a music maker and a […]

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Tips on choosing a Baby Changing Bag

Mar 24, 2017

Hi Ladies, I would like to share some thoughts on the whole area of Baby Changing Bags.  There are just so many out there and the prices can range from €40 right up into the hundreds.  But what ever your budget it there are a few practical considerations that should be kept in mind before […]

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uppababy vista

Unravelling the Travel System Mystery….

Oct 7, 2016

When a couple receive the exciting news that there is a baby on the way there are lots of items that us mothers quickly scribble onto our “must buy” list. A good travel system is a definite must buy. Firstly what is a travel system? A travel system consists of a buggy seat, a carrycot, […]

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Trampolining for Fitness

Sep 27, 2016

Karen Darke a Scottish Paralympic who won a gold medal in Brazil was on BBC radio this morning speaking about the way trampolining changed the course of her life. The benefits of frequent trampoline use are unquestionable and great fun to boot! NASA also did a survey some time ago and the results showed that […]

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